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Niti ~ Nyaya’s Policy Vertical2018-03-25T00:19:14+05:30

We have undertaken the following tasks relating to making policy-based recommendations to various stakeholders:

  • Recommendations sent to Law Commission of India for its 266th Report on ‘Regulation of Legal Profession and Advocates Act, 1961′ | Our Recommendations

We undertook the task of sending recommendations to the Law Commission of India for its 266th Report on Advocates Act, 1961. The report was prepared by Abhijeet Singh Rawaley, Hardik Subedi, Rahul Mohanty, Shweta Rao, Sruthakeerthy Sriram, Chittkrishna Thakkar with the advisory support of Mr. Abhilaksh Grover, Advocate and NALSAR alumnus.

  • Recommendations sent to Committee headed by Justice Ruma Pal constituted by the High Court of Delhi to look into ‘Media reporting in courts – balancing free press, fair trial and integrity of judicial proceedings.’ | Our Recommendations [Yet to be published]

We recommended against having mandatory accreditation for reporting or live-tweeting from courts for reasons recorded in our report. The task was undertaken by Sidharth Aiyanna, Shweta Rao, Rithvik Mathur, Prkahar Bhatnagar, Sughosh Joshi, Bhavish Kaki, Hardik Subedi, Angad Kamath and Abhijeet Singh Rawaley with the advisory support of Karan Gupta.

We are committed to making concrete contributions to the cause of policy on legal profession and judicial administration. If you have any idea on what we can work on, please feel free to get in touch with us at