Abhijeet Singh Rawaley

About Abhijeet Singh Rawaley

Abhijeet is a student at NALSAR, Hyderabad and co-founded the Nyaya Forum for Courtroom Lawyering in 2016.

Litigating away to an Island of Independence – an Illusion? (I of II)

By |2019-04-20T21:28:36+05:30April 20th, 2019|Bar Associations, Bar Council of India Rules, Litigation Practice, Success in Litigation, Tricks of the Trade, Young Lawyers|

In a two-part series, Abhijeet Singh Rawaley* writes about and tests the validity of the tag of independence that is often ascribed to a career in litigation. In this first part, he looks at the intra-profession influences on any practitioner. The second piece in this series will cover the extraneous influences that  litigators face in [...]

Guiding the hitherto Unguided: Senior Counsel Designations

By |2018-09-26T00:33:56+05:30December 7th, 2017|Professional Ethics, Senior Designation, Supreme Court of India|

The October of 2017 will be remembered as the one when the ‘sentinel qui vie’ of the Constitution of India delivered considerably on the front of reforming the legal profession: both bar and bench alike. The Supreme Court rose to the occasion and upheld the rule of law within the profession by giving effect to [...]