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Relooking at Section 65B of the Indian Evidence Act

By | August 31st, 2020|Adjudication and Judicial Process, Civil Procedure, Evidence Law, Proving Cases|

Editor’s Note: In this post, Padmini Subhashree* points out several discrepancies in Section 65B of the Indian Evidence Act dealing with electronic evidence, and highlights the need to have a re-look at this Section in today’s technology age. The entire system of justice delivery runs point on the presumption of making decisions where the ‘proof’ [...]

Towards Truth as the Only Goal (I of III)

By | September 26th, 2018|Adjudication and Judicial Process, Criminal Law, Evidence Law, Judicial Ethics, Philosophising Litigation, Professional Ethics, Proving Cases, Tricks of the Trade|

This is the first part of Justice K. Kannan's three-part series 'Towards Truth as the Only Goal'. In a set of three articles, he shall analyse the function of the judicial process of arriving at the normative goal of truth. In this first article, he argues that while essentially all litigations are always exercises to [...]