Lessons From S. Sushma v. Commissioner of Police: Beyond Judicial Training and Education

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Editor’s Note: In this post, Ishika Garg analyses the verdict of the Madras High Court in S. Sushma v. Commissioner of Police. The author argues that Justice Anand Venkatesh’s efforts of sensitisation as well as the progressive character of the judgment, highlight the importance of greater training in the judiciary to decide on cases pertaining [...]

How Expert Testimonies Can Help Understand “Battered Women”

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Editor's Note: In this post, Moksha Kothari argues for the inclusion of export testimonies in instances of domestic retaliatory violence. It is argued that an expert can help judges better understand the psychological impacts of prolonged domestic violence that often results in retaliatory actions. Introduction When gender was still a binary concept, men and women, [...]

Litigation: Experience and Challenges | Nikhil Nayyar

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Mr. Nikhil Nayyar is an NLSIU graduate of 1993 and holds a rich experience of practicing for the last 24 years in a wide variety of areas including arbitration, company law, constitutional law, electricity law, indirect taxation, education, labor and service law, environmental law, consumer protection, land acquisition among others. He was appointed as the [...]