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When Protectors Start Destroying: The Case of Denial of Representation by Lawyers

Editor's Note: In this article, the author discusses the importance of the right of legal representation and the perils of denying an accused the same. He contextualizes his thesis with pertinent examples and case laws. Then he finally suggests an attitudinal change among the members of the legal fraternity to safeguard the constitutional right of [...]

Litigation and Arbitral Practice | Anirudh Krishnan

Mr. Anirudh Krishnan, Founder Partner of AK Law Chambers, who graduated from NALSAR and Oxford, has a rich experience in commercial and public law litigation, arbitration and corporate advisory work of the firm. He was appointed as a consultant to the Law Commission of India for the Report of Arbitration (2013-14), receiving special appreciation, besides [...]

First among ‘Un’equals?

Editor’s Note: In this article, the author critically reviews the lack of checks to prevent arbitrary exercise of CJI’s power to act as the master of the roster. He draws attention to the sui generis character of judicial administration, and why it is an important ingredient for independence of the judiciary from both external and [...]

Two Conventions and the Indian Supreme Court

Editor’s Note: The article comments on the press conference delivered by the four senior-most puisne judges of the Supreme Court of India on the 12th January, 2018. It focuses on two conventional practices ordinarily governing judicial administration. The first being that of judiciary refraining from making public engagement through the media and the press, while [...]

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Guiding the hitherto Unguided: Senior Counsel Designations

The October of 2017 will be remembered as the one when the ‘sentinel qui vie’ of the Constitution of India delivered considerably on the front of reforming the legal profession: both bar and bench alike. The Supreme Court rose to the occasion and upheld the rule of law within the profession by giving effect to [...]

Litigation: Experience and Challenges | Nikhil Nayyar

Mr. Nikhil Nayyar is an NLSIU graduate of 1993 and holds a rich experience of practicing for the last 24 years in a wide variety of areas including arbitration, company law, constitutional law, electricity law, indirect taxation, education, labor and service law, environmental law, consumer protection, land acquisition among others. He was appointed as the [...]

Extradition Litigation | Dayan Krishnan

Editor's Note: Extradition as Mr Krishnan explains is an intersection of the law, politics and foreign relations. It is hence of extreme importance for India, which has been rapidly approaching the global centre stage, to ensure that it extradition laws are both in conjunction with international standards, as well as watertight, The fact the Abu [...]

Judging as a Spiritual Journey | Justice Kannan

Editor's Note: The common thread in Justice Kannan’s lecture was that the Law and the Truth are perfectly compatible. Entry into litigation is a spiritual cause and for him spirituality, is being transparent, truthful and even-handed. He stressed that one must not romanticize the judiciary, as it would disturb this balance of authority and virtue [...]

Human Rights and the Courts | Dr. Colin Gonsalves

Editor's Note: Dr. Gonsalves in his lecture inspired a hall full of students to pick up social justice litigation after law school. He justified his exhortation on the grounds that a combination of social activism with law as a career would breed spontaneity through interaction with people while also giving one the unmatched reward of [...]

Confessions of an Accidental Lawyer | Aditya Sondhi

Editor's Note: The Senior Counsel based in Bengaluru exhorted that students be mindful of the system that was always bigger than any individual, though he maintained that the system was receptive and encouraging of young lawyers provided they put in the hard work and kept their hunger for learning alive. Dr. Aditya Sondhi is a [...]